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Parent Counselling

Parent Counselling

Being a parent is hard at the best of times which can mean that you feel ‘lost’ and unable to understand or connect with your child.  Parents also carry stress from their own lives as well as parenting their children. 

Parenting problems arise when reality doesn’t match the expectations. Usually parents try their best to live with the problems until they become unbearable.  Everything can feel hopeless and you can feel helpless.

If you are looking at this website, then maybe you are experiencing difficulties with your child, yourself, or both, and are not sure how to make the next step.  With understanding and empathy, Parenting Counselling allows you to talk about your child.  It is an opportunity to make sense of your relationship and acknowledge the difficulties without blame or shame.

Parent Consultations

The aims of parent consultation are to understand your family dynamics and increase your therapeutic understanding by exploring some of the current difficulties that are impacting on family life.

Parent consultations will deepen your knowledge in parenting from a strengths based position to enhance and build upon the foundations and knowledge that you already have. 

Consultations may take place either alongside your child or a separately to nurture and strengthen your relationship.

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