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Karen has been very helpful. I struggled with my emotions a lot and Karen has helped me to work through them.

KS: 13 year old girl (2nd June 2019)

Karen has been exceptional. Our family life was in trouble and Karen has helped us to put it back in the right direction. After only few sessions, things have improved significantly and everyone is much happier now.

Adoptive parents of KS (2nd June 2019)

Karen has been my supervisor for the last 4 years. After these 4 years I still feel that Karen asks the right questions that help me to think about my clients and my work. She has the ability to say just the right word that can help me to see an issue and a solution in the right light. Supervision with Karen challenges me while respecting me. Supervision feels safe with Karen, you can learn from mistakes without feeling judged and without fear of failure. She is a mother hen to her supervisees. 

Vanessa: 1st June 2019 (Suffolk)

Karen’s varied experience and training offers a rich supervisory experience that both challenges and empowers me.  Warm and boundaried supervision in which she consistently directs me to resources, deeper reflections and further metaphorical exploration.  I have grown so much as a therapist since embarking on this supervisory relationship with Karen. Cannot recommend her highly enough.

Clare: 29th May 2019 (Manchester)

This course was a full day and involved examining the different aspects of attachment theory and how it affects everyone.Karen was insightful and sensitive to the responses of her audience as some people found it difficult to hear.  Her presentation was clear, well planned and confidently produced, and so very inspiring.  It opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking. 

Inclusion Manager Primary School: 29th May 2019 (Colchester) 

Karen strikes the perfect balance between head and heart.  She was able to shed light on complex theoretical frameworks as-well as attune and hold all of the big emotions at play from all of the participants.  

Tracy: 22nd March 2019 (Kuala Lumpur)

I have had talking therapy over years and thought that I had looked at everything. Having Sandplay Therapy took me to the core of my problems and it is only now that I feel much calmer and happier.

JM: Adult male client

Your training is fantastic. I can honestly say that the Course has changed my life both personally and professionally. I am a Foster Carer and the skills that I have learnt have changed the way that I notice and respond to children. Thank-you so much.

AB: Foster Carer

Your room is really cool and you are too. I kinda like myself now and have lots of friends.

RV: 13 year old girl

You are very dedicated, calm and trustworthy. I was thrilled that our son had Play Therapy with you. He couldn’t have been in better hands.

CB: Mother of 4 year old boy

Our son was fourteen when he first came to see Karen due to his anxiety.  We never forgot Karen’s support, neither did he.  Aged seventeen, his mental health deteriorated, and Karen was there to help us as a family with therapy as-well as referring our son to other services.  He is doing ok, but things are still challenging.  Karen is a wonderful person and helped us so much, especially in the early days.

Parents of adolescent: 29th May 2019

Karen has supported me in therapy for two years now, having seen me through some challenging times.  She has helped me turn my life around even when I feel that I have failed.Karen is patient, kind and understanding.  I trust Karen and cannot thank her enough for the positive impact she has had on my life.

SB: 15th May 2019  

Karen is a very strong and knowledgeable trainer.  She was able to hold the group well and modelled all the skills and qualities a Therapist and Supervisor possess in such a natural way.  She is not afraid to push you when she felt you needed to grow as a professional.  I have learnt so much from her academically and on an emotional level.

Abhasari: 22nd March 2019 (Thailand)
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